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About Us

A dream of life for us is to bring the ice cream back... in the years of innocence.

In this model production unit situated in Mili, Argolida, the ice cream starts at an early stage, without any manufactured made-up mixtures, while we have the great advantage of pasteurizing and homogenizing the ingredients as well as waiting their maturation for 12 hours. That’s where Provio is manufactured.

Our vision is simple: to create high-quality and nutritious ice cream by using fresh sheep’s milk and fresh milk cream of superior quality, pure, original raw materials.

At the sunrise our vehicles collect the milk of the day from certified local producers. Then. the experienced hands of our confectioners take action in order to travel our taste back in time.

Our goal is to enjoy the unique flavors of Provio as long as we enjoy the preparation process!!!

Provio, Tradition and Quality in Taste!!!

Classic Flavors

Fresh & Delicious!
  • 5 02
    Παγωτό Φράουλα
  • 18
    Sorbet Λεμόνι
  • 3 011
    Παγωτό Φιστίκι Αιγίνης
  • 4 012
    Παγωτό Βανίλια Μαδαγασκάρης

Premium Flavors

Elevating... your senses!
  • 21
    Παγωτό Κιουνεφέ Ντοντουρμά
  • Strawberry-Yogurt
    Παγωτό Γιαούρτι Φράουλα
  • 19
    Παγωτό Bueno
  • nocciola
    Παγωτό Nocciola

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